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Close your eyes and feel, move yourself and heal.

DJ Set

11:00 AM - 15:00

dogheadsurigeri b2b SAS

dogheadsurigeri – Polish DJ currently living in The Hague. She co-created DESTITUTE (fka MESTIÇO) crew, which for the last four years has been trying to redefine music and club culture. Since 2018 she’s been a member of Oramics – an initiative that supports the participation of women, non-binary and the LGBTQ+ community in the clubbing scene. She likes kassoufle.

DJ Set

1:00 PM - 16:00


Blondewednesday’s ears are never turned off. She traded her home country Portugal for Rotterdam to revel in the open space between club microcosm and the field of sonology. Along the way, she also developed a penchant for pantropicalisms. All of this will shine through in her omnivorous DJ set.

DJ Set

2:00 PM - 17:00

Acidic Male

For her first set at Maxi Radio, Acidic Male will drive you on a heavy-smelling diesel trip, presenting some of her current favourite picks. Expect broken electro-like experiments with droney kicks and enjoy the ride through slug while you can - as nothing truly lasts forever.

DJ Set

3:00 PM - 18:00

Rita Maomenos

Bringing a blend of body and mind, harsh and elegant, clubby yet experimental.

DJ Set

4:00 PM - 19:00

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DJ Set

5:00 PM - 21:00


Insert Blank Records

Insert Blank Records came to being as an output for artistic endavours; a record label & art collective made by a group of friends. Insert Blank Records releases a broad range of genres and musical outings and they also create visual content to help promote these releases. Insert Blank Records is there for, and created by creatives from multiple disciplines of the art. Their motto; everything we craft is made with love, care and affection.


2:00 PM - 18:30


An extraordinary guy, who writes extraordinary music that will make you feel your deepest emotions. Music to dream of, and music to dream away with. Melancholic lyrics supported by acoustic guitars that remind of Big Star’s ‘Thirteen’ and Led Zeppelins ‘Going To California’. The brilliance of the songwriting can be put on that level, too.

Live set

2:15 PM - 16:30

Juf Emma

“Seks, drugs en mag ik al naar huis?” will cause quite the stir in the teachers’ lounge. Juf Emma’s lyrics touch on themes that aren’t easy to swallow with a cup of coffee and creme. The comical melodic descriptions of drugs, men and other societal issues are clearly explained. And after hearing her songs you’ll be happy you’ve gotten detention.

Live set

2:45 PM - 17:00

King Kachang

When King Kachang first played his tracks to us we were blown away! He has a history with singing, but this first take at producing his own music does not disappoint. For people who like Gorillaz and Daft Punk.

Live set

3:15 PM - 17:30

The Wasters

We’d like you to meet The Wasters. First of all we want to tell you that this band is worth a lot more than their name would indicate. The Wasters make proper rock that makes you feel like you’re experiencing music for the first time again. They do this by producing whirring yet uplifting sounds which show relentless ambition and youthfulness. No band can bring you back to the 90’s like The Wasters can.

Live set

4:00 PM - 18:30

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Let’s have a good time with some funky world music! Let yourself be carried away by Cera's enthusiasm in her journey throughout different styles and beats. Grab a beer, put your joggers on and enjoy!



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Sit back and enjoy a funky ride through Fusion Jazz, Seventies Soul & everything in between.




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From mellow to frantic, jazz to kraut, mostly old stuff but who knows!






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Soul with Milk, a monthly radio show on the Maxi channel.



Jazz Funk

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Tuff Luck collective will take over the Maxi Radio air waves once a month, expect a wide spectrum of genres. Sit back and relax, for some good music!


House music

Hip hop

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Nowruz (Persian: نوروز‎, pronounced [nowˈɾuːz]; lit. 'new day') is the Iranian New Year. A 2 hour session filled with Iranian disco, funk, jazz from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s along with fresh domestic (traditional and pop) releases. HAPPY NEW YEAR… almost!



Electro house

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Original Leiden-based radioshow founded in 2006 and broadcasting ever since. In this first episode for Maxi Radio, Lenny Harmony & Tamer will eagerly introduce their sound; a surprising, soulful journey to the depths of house, disco, (modern) jazz & beyond.



Funk - Soul - Jazz

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